School Tour at Lane's Dairy

School Tour at Lane's Dairy

Students are playing with calves at Lane's Dairy. The Dairy offered school tours to introduce students to calves, milking and agriculture. Lane’s Dairy was started in 1923 with one cow. John F. Lane Sr. wanted to offer a higher quality of milk to be able to compete with bigger processing plants. The family owned business was the only producer-handler left in Texas, which means that the family owned its own dairy farm and bottled its own product. Consequently, the owner had full control over the quality of milk; BST or any other form of hormone was not used on the cattle. The production plant was also opened for school tours, clubs and different projects in order to introduce younger people to agriculture. In 2003, the federal government bought out all the dairy farms in Clint and El Paso County due to a bovine tuberculosis outbreak. Lane’s Dairy never had it but went out, too.

Área: Mission Valley / Clint

Fuente: Lane's Dairy

Cargado por: Lane's Dairy


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Tour escolar en Lane's Dairy

Students are playing with calves at Lane's Dairy. The Dairy ...

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