Aerial View of El Paso, Texas - 1937

Aerial View of El Paso, Texas - 1937

Aerial View of El Paso, Texas - 1937

Área: Westside / Kern Place

Fuente: Cathedral High School

Cargado por: El Paso Museum of History


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Viewer can see that Rim Road is paved, but elegant homes of the future have not been built. Oregon Streen and Stanton Street intersect with Rim Rd. This picture taken during Depression era.

There are books by Dr.Wm. Timmons that would help.

I would love more information on this specific time period in El Paso, Tx! My grandma was born in El Paso in 1930 and moved to California in 1941. If there is anyone I can speak to our books recommended to help me gather this information, that would be gratefully appreciated!

St. Patrick's Cathedral in bottom right corner.

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