St Alban's Episcopal church

St Alban's Episcopal church

The Church of Saint Alban is the oldest Episcopal Church in El Paso, and part of the Diocese of the Rio Grande. It was established in 1921 as St Alban's Mission, by the Church of St Clement. Parish Status was assumed March 8, 1939. A new edifice was built during 1949-1950 on the site. St. Alban's Episcopal Church was named for a Roman soldier who lived outside of London during the third century A.D. After accepting the Christian faith, he traded his clothing with a priest so that the priest might escape other soldiers who sought to kill him. Consequently, Alban was captured and executed in the priest's place. At that time he became the first Christian martyr in Britain. Later he was canonized by the Church.

Creador: Victor Ramirez

Área: Central / Manhattan Heights

Fuente: EPMH

Cargado por: El Paso Museum of History


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