Longhorn statue at Indian Cliffs Ranch in Fabens, TX

Longhorn statue at Indian Cliffs Ranch in Fabens, TX

Longhorn statue - This statue is located at Indian Cliffs Ranch which is home to Cattleman's Steakhouse just 5 miles north of Fabens, TX. "Well, here is the true story: Back in 1966, while still working in my father’s shipping business in Germany, I was put in charge of moving the German Air Force School and it’s soldiers to Fort Bliss. Business brought me to Fort Bliss and El Paso again in 1968. The unique flavor and the friendly people made such an impression on me, that I decided to make it my home. That same year, trying to help out a friend who badly needed a job, I bought a string of livery horses at Hueco Tanks, which he rented to the public. Hueco Tanks was then still owned by the county of El Paso and I remember that I paid 10% in rent to the Tigua Indians every month. In the fall of 1968, the county gave Hueco Tanks to the state of Texas and it became a state park. I needed a new home for the horses and that’s how I wound up here at the Indian Cliffs, which gave the ranch it’s name." - Dieter Gerzymisch, Owner For more information follow this link to the Indian Cliffs Ranch website: http://indiancliffsranch.com/history.htm

Área: Mission Valley / Fabens

Fuente: EPMH

Cargado por: El Paso Museum of History


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