Graduation Day

Graduation Day

Kansas St and 9th boy and girl posing against white car. At Bowie high school graduation

Creador: Duran, Marisela

Área: Central / South Central

Colección: Neighborhood photos

Fuente: By Marisela Herrera-Duran

ID de referencia: 0189

Cargado por: El Paso Museum of History


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Graduation from Sacred Heart- held at Convention Center - 1968

Graduation from Sacred Heart - held at the Convention Center.

Graduation from Sacred Heart

Graduation from Sacred Heart - located in El Paso, Texas.

Wedding Photo

Married in Las Cruces, New Mexico on March 15, 1951. The bride ...

Birthday Photo

Ana is the girl in the light dress behind the pinata. 7th street ...

Parents and Daughter - 1954

Location unknown. Persons in picture are Fidel F. Canchola, ...

Evangelina's Official Military Photograph

Evangelina was stationed at Fort Bliss. She was 20 years old. ...

Babies on Sidewalk

Location unknown. The two children are Josephina, "Pepa", baby, ...

Sacred Heart, Boys Baseball Team - El Paso, Texas

Photograph taken on Fifth St, church would close the street for ...

First Holy Communion

Mona Castaneda Gonzalez (aunt) with Laura Valenzuela (sister) ...


Sacred Heart Graduation

Sister Justus

Concha Valenzuela, Sister Justus and J. Enriquez - Sr. Justus ...

Graduation from Sacred Heart school - El Paso, Texas

Graduation breakfast at Sacred Heart School, Father Robert ...


Father Rahm,Carmen sister in law Zsabel Terrazas, Larrry ...

Father Antonio Villoverde

Worked with Father Rahm at Sacred Heart ...


Sacred Heart Church; Virgin de Guadalupe Day on the right Hijas ...


Gus Jr, Flora Sambrano, Arlene at 408 S.Ochoa St.

house on Ochoa

408 S. Ochoa St.

Gus's Birthday

Gus jr, Arlene, Sandy, Romana M. Sambrano.

Baby on telephone

Gus Sambrano Jr in house on 408 S.Ochoa St.

Warren Air force Base

Francis at E. Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming

Sun Carnival Parade

Flora Sambrano Drum Majorette

Sun Carnival Parade

Flora Sambrano Drum Majorette

living room in house on Leon st.

Pilar Caro, Pat's Great Grandma. In 910 Leon St.