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Hart's Mill

Adobe structures at Hart's Mill.

Hart's Mill

Adobe structures at Hart's Mill.

Rio Grande at Hart's Mill

This photograph shows the dam above Hart's Mill.

Customs House, Juarez

The street car is coming in from El Paso, Texas so this is the ...

San Jose del Rio Grande Church

This church was originally named San Rosalia, and was built in ...

La plaza en frente de la Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

The Plaza also contains a bust of Benito Juarez. President ...

Streetcar headed into Juarez

Streetcar coming off the Stanton Street Bridge. Note that the ...

Stanton Street Bridge

Stanton Street Bridge looking towards El Paso with the Rio ...

Sandbags Along The Levee

Hauling sandbags to the banks of the Rio Grande, probably near ...

Rio Grande During A Flood

Rio Grande in flood probably near Old Ft. Bliss or Hart's Mill.

Rio Grande During A Flood.

The Rio Grande, probably near Old Ft. Bliss.

Rio Grande

The Rio Grande probably near Hart's Mill or Old Ft. Bliss.

Stanton Street Bridge.

Old wooden Stanton Street Bridge, looking towards El Paso.

Driving In The Dry Riverbed

Horse and four wheeled vehicle being driven in the dry bed of ...

Stanton Street Bridge

The old wooden Stanton Street Bridge looking towards Juarez. ...

Revolutionary Camp

Looking from Madero's Camp to the American side.

Mexican Revolution Artillery

Practicing with a fieldpiece during the Mexican Revolution. ...

Mexican Revolution Artillery

This photograph may have been taken at the Rebel Camp near ...

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