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Photography by Ruben Gomez

There is nothing more pleasing and rewarding than witnessing the ...

Photography by Arraby Gallagher

Pasos Urbanos: A Photographic Narrative of Downtown Borderland ...

Lily Durate - 1949

On the street with baby in her arms. The area is South Central - ...

Cisneros family-1915

Left to right: Aurora Munoz Cisneros, Refugio (Cuca) Cisneros, ...

Tom & Barbara Dent - El Paso, Texas - 1970

Dr. & Mrs. Tom E. Dent with children (L-R) Amy,Patty, & ...

Zona residencial de El Paso- Casa Turney

Looking towards Montana Avenue from Rio Grande Street we see the ...

Barrio Noreste

This is a neighborhood street in Northeast El Paso heading up ...

El Paso Water Utilities - El Paso, Texas

El Paso Water Utilities in chihuahuita neigborhood

Unknown house

Unknown house in El Paso.

Neighborhood Photograph

Neighborhood close to downtown El Paso with dumpsters on front ...

Neighborhood in downtown

Neighborhood in downtown El Paso.

Downtown neighborhood

Downtown El Paso neighborhood.

Terrazas de Austin

Image shows four people mounted on horses at the entrance of ...

Juanita Jesus at Sacred Heart Church

Ester Rocha Ramirez with daughter Juanita Raminez (wedding)

Lily Durate

on the street with baby in arms

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