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Feeding Baby

Eustolia Villalva feeds "Kit" Villalva (baby)

Laura Bush's Visit

Laura Bush visited Chihuahuita after George Bush was elected ...

Mickie & Marine

Marines would donate toys to Chihuahuita; Micaela Subia

Carmen & Jose

started getting to know one another before marrying in 1942; ...

Priego Silva Sisters

Maria Elena Priego Valderama, Carmen P. Silva, Yolanda Priego ...

My Best Friend Elvira

Elvira Vazquez and Mary Martinez high school gradutation from ...

The twins Mary and Alice "Licha"

Mary and Alice Martinez were in a wedding. Even though they were ...

My Best Friend's Wedding - El Paso, Texas

Photograph shows Mary Martinez at San Ignacio Church in El Paso, ...

Maria de Jesus III

Maria de Jesus Guzman Ramirez

Maria de Jesus II

Maria de Jesus Guzman Ramirez


Juanita at Sacred Heart School

Juana Aguilar IV

Juana and daughter Rita Aguilar Rosales - woman with child.

Primera comunión en el Sagrado Corazón

Juanita Ramirez far left and Maria Teresa is the little girl. ...

Juana Aguilar III

Juana and Car

Juana I

Juana Guzman Aguilar, Terry's maternal Great Aunt lived on ...

Inez Rocha

Lived in Chihuhuita on 118 E. 7th Apt 44. Came to El Paso in ...

Mother and Daughter II

Esther Raminez, Cecilie Ramariez, Maria de Jesus Guzman Ramirez ...

Mother and Daughter - El Paso, Texas

On Campbell Street, Esther Ramirez with daughter Esther Ramirez ...

Juanita Jesus at Sacred Heart Church

Ester Rocha Ramirez with daughter Juanita Raminez (wedding)

Farah Strike - El Paso, Tejas

Graciela "Chela" worked for Farah on Paisano. Remembers people ...

Lily Durate

on the street with baby in arms

Bustillos Family and Compadres

Backyard on Park St house on a large lot with homes for rent ...

Wedding Photo

Jose and Angela Bustillos got married at San Ignacio Church and ...

Woman in yard - 1940 - 1949

Crecenica, Margies dad's sister who lived next door. Location is ...

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