DIGIE (Digital Information Gateway In El Paso) is the family friendly name chosen for the 2012 Quality of Life Bond project once referred to as the Digital Wall.

DIGIE, the enormous technological wonder, has been constructed at the entrance to the El Paso Museum of History in Cleveland Square. Its vast collection of images, nearly half of which have been uploaded by the public, creates a unifying personal pride in our community.

DIGIE consists of five LCD screens that present a moving 3-D collage of El Paso’s history and contemporary life. DIGIE is all about the people and the places that have helped create El Paso’s unique cultural landscape. DIGIE provides a gateway that leads us from our humble beginnings up through today’s exciting lifestyles. All of this new technology is presented in a manner that each of us can easily explore.

The museum would like your images to be part of this beautiful, artistic interface of El Paso life and times. Go to the UPLOAD page and become our partner in making history!

The Big Idea

El Paso’s DIGIE developed out of the highly successful Museum of Copenhagen’s TouchCity 3-D Digital Wall which has presented over 10 million images and video views to the people and visitors of Copenhagen, Denmark. Based on the Copenhagen Wall or Væggen, the El Paso Wall is an international project bringing together museum professionals, engineers, IT specialists and project managers from the City of El Paso with the leading wall exponents from the Museum of Copenhagen. We also worked closely with the celebrated digital artists from the Danish design company Spild af Tid International and the Specialist Exhibition and Technology arm of the New Zealand based Gibson Group TouchCity Ltd.


Who can use DIGIE?

The permanent DIGIE Wall and Mini-Digie can be used by anyone. Just walk up and start exploring our city with your fingertips.

How can I contribute my images to DIGIE?

First, you must be over the age of 13 to participate. Ask your parents or a teacher if you need help. You can upload right now from this site. Simply select UPLOAD at the top of the page. You will then be asked to register with DIGIE and agree to the Terms of Use.

How can I comment on DIGIE's images?

You can add your comment to any image you see on the DIGIE Wall or website. Select the little comment symbol like this . Only use this space to comment on the specific image you are viewing. If you want to make a general comment, please use our GUESTBOOK.

Can I see my images and comments right away on the Wall?

When you are visiting DIGIE at the museum, your comments will be displayed briefly so you can see them and then they will fade away until they have been approved by the museum’s content manager. All images and comments need to be moderated by the museum to guard against objectionable or illegal content. Please be patient while we do this. Normally your comments will be in full view within 24 hours.