The Holguin Family

The Holguin Family

The Holguin Family

The Holguin Family

From Mexico to the United States

1915: Grandfather Trinidad Holguin is standing in middle of his general store in the City of Chihuahua, The daily sales include products from Sears & Roebuck. Trinidad was preparing to sell fine goods from Spain and France, when in 1920, the Store was totally destroyed by the revolutionary army of Pancho Villa. Trinidad was captured and faced certain death. He is forced to move his family across the 400-mile desert to the safest crossing of the turbulent Rio Grande River. The Holguin Family arrived at the small agricultural town of Ysleta (just south of El Paso). He finds shelter for his family near the Ysleta Mission, which was founded in 1680 by the Spaniards. Trinidad does not realize that they are near the site where the Spaniards first crossed the Rio Grande. Trinidad and Luz look out at the beautiful Valley and the meandering channel of the Rio Grande.

Creator: Rosario Holguin

Area: Out of Area / Out of Area

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Trinidad Holguin and Sons

In 1940, Trinidad Holguin visits his sons at the Watkins Motor Company in downtown El Paso (now Rudolph Chevrolet). Left to right; Uncles Johnny and Jesus Holguin, Grand Papa Trinidad, Father Hector Trinidad and Uncle Alfonso Holguin (holding Son Edward) and Alfonso Jr in front of his Father. Hector Jr and Cousin Graciela Holguin are standing in the front row. Hector Jr did not see his Grandfather Trinidad again until the summer of 1948, upon graduation from Dudley Elementary School. His father, Hector Trinidad could not afford an earlier trip due to his 7-day workweek to make a living wage. During this period, Mexican Americans could only sell used cars. Hector Trinidad was a pioneer in the sale of new Cars; his loyal client base included countless ranchers and famers of El Paso, Juarez and the cities of Chihuahua and Las Cruces NM.

Creator: Rosario Holguin

Area: Central / Downtown

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The Holguins' in East Los Angeles

Luz Holguin passed away peacefully, surrounded by her eleven (11) loving children. Trinidad Holguin then moved his six Daughters and youngest son to East Los Angeles. 1940 photo from left to right: Lucia and husband Max Etheridge, Adelaide, Esperanza, Gran Papa Trinidad, Amelia and husband Victor Carrasco, Connie holding Victoria Carrasco, Amparo and husband Manuel Barron; son Bobby Barron; and Uncle Bobby Holguin is kneeling in front.

Creator: Rosario Holguin

Area: Out of Area / Out of Area

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The Holguins' in El Paso

The eleven children of Trinidad and Luz Holguin; Hector Jr.'s father, Hector Trinidad is the second young man wearing a stripped suit.

Creator: Rosario Holguin

Area: Central / Sunset Heights

Uploaded by: Hector Holguin Jr.


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