Historical marker in Tornillo.

Area: Mission Valley / Tornillo

Uploaded by: Vann


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Elementary School Tornillo

Elementary School Tornillo - El Paso, Texas

Post Office

Post Office located in Tornillo, Texas.

Tornillo Texas

Tornillo Texas - Tornillo is a census-designated place and ...

Near Alcala - looking towards Mexico

Good view of the mountains, but no idea what range or what the ...

Foothills - edge of the river valley

This picture was taken between Alcala and Tornillo. I-10 is ...

Roadside park on Route 20

This was the only roadside park or pullout that we saw between ...

Cotton field

This cotton field is between Alcala and Tornillo. We saw more ...

Cotton field and irrigation canal between Alcala and Tornillo

Think this is a different irrigation district from El Paso or ...

Irrigation canal along Route 20

The metal box towards the back of the photo houses a pump. If ...

Irrigation canal looking towards Tornillo

Looking upstream. The canal runs along Route 20, which is also ...

Man made lake east of Tornillo

One of a series of man - made lakes alongside. Route 20. ...

Pecan orchard east of Tornillo

At least by the 1950s, valley farming was pecans and cotton.

Pecan orchard near Tornillo

Most of these pecan farms are between Route 20 and the river, in ...

Young pecan trees in a field.

New areas are planted to expand the orchards.

Mature pecan trees near Tornillo - El Paso, Texas

Casual shot of the trees, which are all in rows.

Mature pecan trees

The straight rows are much more evident in this photo.

Railroad crossing between Alcala and El Paso.

The railroad runs parallel to Route 20 at this point.

Pecan orchards near Tornillo

This orchard is between I-10 and Route 20 - the Valley widens ...

Skate Park in Tornillo

I don't know how old this park is - no trees or other ...

Looking down hill from the skating park in Tornillo

Just a glimpse of some of the houses here. The fire department ...


Railroad crossing on outskirts of Tornillo.