Room 5: Pancho Villa
Sala 5: Pancho Villa

Room 5: Pancho Villa

By the end of 1910, Abraham González, chief of the revolution in Chihuahua contacted Villa to ask him to join the battle. González’ intention was to incorporate into the movement people who had experience in handling weapons; courageous and knowledgeable of the region where battles would be taking place. In little time, Villa demonstrated the great ability he had for warfare. As a result of his important achievements, Madero granted him colonel rank. Villa formed his own army and definitively contributed to the triumph of the revolution movement. Born in Durango, his real name was José Doroteo Arango Arámbula, better known as Pancho Villa. In this Room we will learn more regarding this character, seen by many as hero, by others as a villain, his name would be used as a symbol, flag and inspiration of many social struggles in México as well as abroad.

Area: Out of Area / Ciudad Juarez

Source: Fotografía MUREF - INAH

Uploaded by: Liliana Fuentes


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