Varsity Band, Burges High, El Paso TX 1961

Varsity Band, Burges High, El Paso TX 1961

Clarinets - Cheryl Martin, Dede Davis, Raymond Allen, Dennis Baker, Nancy Johnson, Nancy Moore, Therese Melendez, John Whistler, Mary Christine Mora, Alice Steinman, Mason Goodloe, Angie Saldana, Kathy Duggan, Victor Montes, Virginia Valencia, Mary Lane, Richard Apodaca, David Thompson. Bass Clarinets -- Jan Duggan, Terri Slavec, Eddie Seay, Leslie Springer. Contra Bass Clarinets -- Jim Freeman, Chris Rossbach. Oboes == Holly Bryson, Janie Lester. Bassoon -- Sandra Woll. Alto Clarinet =- Barbara Smith. Trombones -- Sam Bickford, Ronny Holsapple, Mary McDowell, Randy Capshaw, Barry Thornhill, Jimmy Rosas, Bill Brooks, Alan Lipski, Myles Houseberg, Vincente Hernandez, Toby Goodwin. Flutes -- Janie Edmonson, Wally Blair, Julianna Goodwin, John Latimer, David Cleaveland, Sabra Martin, Celia Guillen, Emma Dominguez,. Cornets -- Don DeBaca, Davis Cazares, Bob Meek, Roger Quesada, Mike Goodson, James Parker, Larry Johnson, Raymond Lucero, Dick Jenness, Lester Fenter, Florencio Gomez. Baritone -- Ramon Rivera, Ernie Carrillo. Flugelhorn -- Talmadge Hardy. Alto Saxophones -- Mike Murguia, Jesus Hernandez, Pat Smith. Tenor Saxophones -- Richard Simko, Alfredo Talavera. Baritone Saxpohone - Mack Goldsbury. Tuba -- Larry Nelson. Sousaphones -- Eldon McCauley, Joe Carrillo, Tom Armstrong, Mike Yelton. String Basses == Frank Westmoreland, Bob McGraw. French Horns -- Lester Wells, Harlan Cooper, Jim Daross. Percussion -- Gilbert Gallardo, John Moore, Ronnie Miller, Jim Moore, Oscar Armenta, Tom Gardner, Tina Gaines, Josie Gallardo, Lee Davis. Timpani -- Bob McGraw. John Moore

Area: Eastside / Cielo Vista

Source: Hoofbeats

Uploaded by: Burges 1961 "Hoofbeats"


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