Rudy's on South Desert Blvd. in West El Paso

Rudy's on South Desert Blvd. in West El Paso

The Rudy's in West El Paso is located on 6401 South Desert Blvd. Phone: 915-587-8397 Fax: 915-587-8399 Sun-Thur 7:00AM-10:00PM Fri-Sat 7:00AM-10:30PM "Just north of San Antonio, at the edge of the Texas Hill Country, sits the small community of Leon Springs. Founded in the 1800s by Max Aue, Leon Spring's cityscape changed when Max's son, Rudolph, opened a one-stop gas station, garage, and grocery store. Bar-B-Q was added to the operation in 1989, and Rudy's 'Country Store' and Bar-B-Q has been serving up tasty food ever since. The same original recipes that built Rudy's Leon Springs' reputation are now available throughout the Southwest. Our pits are 100% wood fired with oak, a slower burning wood than the mesquite used by others. Along with time and oak, we cook with a dry spice that ensures each plate of Rudy's Bar-B-Q is perfectly ready for you. Apply some of our famous 'Sause' and dinner is served." Information taken from their website:

Area: Upper Valley / Borderland

Source: El Paso Museum of History

Uploaded by: El Paso Museum of History


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Restaurants across El Paso, TX had a very difficult time surviving as COVID pandemic impacted citizens of borderland.

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