Plane Crash In Franklin Mountains - 1944

Plane Crash In Franklin Mountains - 1944

BOEING B-24 HEAVY BOMBER CRASHES INTO MOUNT FRANKLIN IN JULY 1944. JACKSON POLK REMINISCES: "This is the plane, plus the flight crew and the ground crew of the B-24 that crashed into Mount Franklin in July, 1944. My aunt, Mary Jackson, later Mary Hellums, was dating the pilot of this plane when it hit the mountain. He had given her the pic, and she put it into a file for 5 decades+ when he died. Aunt Mary brought it out and gave it to me in 2000 when she heard I was producing a film about Mount Franklin called "Legends of El Paso's Mountains." It kinda spooked me out one day when I was hiking up near that crash when I found an intact button from the coat of a US Army uniform in the wash down mountain from that crash."

Area: Northeast / Ft. Bliss

Source: El Paso History Alliance

Uploaded by: El Paso Museum of History


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