Library Construction 1982
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Library Construction 1982

library construction There are hundreds more construction pictures in the library’s Special Collections dept. “A” looks down Wiggins from the top of the old library; the UTEP Museum is at right. “M” was a silhouette of workers taken on 7-30-82 along Wiggins; in 1990 I entered it in a photo contest conducted by the El Paso Historical Society, the theme: “Building for the Future.” It won. I received a check for $100 on April 29, 1990. Does that mean the Society owns it? I don’t know. (While the picture was displayed in the Student Union with a blue ribbon next to it, I never got the ribbon.)

Creator: Leo Miletich

Area: Central / University

Collection: Snapshots of El Paso (1966-2012)

Source: Leo Miletich

Reference ID: Disc 3: UTEP

Uploaded by: El Paso Museum of History


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Photo by Leo Miletich taken in El Paso, TX.

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