St. Joseph's Sanatorium - El Paso, Texas
Sanatorio de San José - El Paso, Texas

St. Joseph's Sanatorium - El Paso, Texas

As with photo A5217: this building is identified as St. Joseph's Sanatorium, however, St. Joseph's did not open until 1927. This photo appears to be of the Homan Sanatorium (1910-1924), Dr. R.B. Homan bought the hospital in 1910. Previously the hospital, was known as the Albert Baldwin Sanatorium and Health Resort from 1907-1910 Building taken down and in 2020 location was occupied by a newer building housing a cancer treatment facility

Area: Central / Downtown

Collection: Aultman Collection

Source: Border Heritage, El Paso Public Library

Reference ID: A5278

Uploaded by: El Paso Museum of History


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In our genealogy research we are looking for more information on the first husband of my grandmother; they were both born in Mexico but lived in El Paso in 1917. Our oral family history says he was discovered to have advanced TB when he attempted to enlist in the US Army somewhere between 1917-19 and was sent to a sanitorium in Mexico... but the only one I find is in southern Mexico. Are there records of patients / patient deaths for Homan Sanitorium? Were there any other TB sanitoriums on either side near the border in about 1917-22? Thanks for any guidance you can provide.

The Homan Sanatorium was used as a place for Tuberculosis patients in 1912 in the Texas area. It is recorded in my ancestors death record- Charles Ross Ball. He died at Homan Sanitorium, El Paso, Texas, USA in Nov 1912.

In 2022 this site was a cancer treatment center and this building was no longer there.

The nuns who ran this sanatorium are part of the history of El Paso, TX and should be honored during March which is Women's History Month.

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