St. Ignatius
San Ignacio

St. Ignatius

The picture shows St. Ignatius. In 1904, Father Pinto purchased property in the Chamizal Tract at Second and Park Streets and erected a small building, which held the church and the school, to serve the newly created parish of St. Ignatius. In 1913, the new church was built and dedicated to St. Ignatius, the founder of the Jesuit Order. Expansion of the church including new towers was completed in 1914 and within a few years St. Ignatius became the first church in El Paso to have central heating. To this day, St. Ignatius is one of the most beautifully painted churches. In 1916, Camp Cotton was built near St. Ignatius in response to the Mexican Revolution. Since many of the soldiers were Irish Catholics, they attended Mass at St. Ignatius. The chapel was placed under the administration of the Jesuits of the Province of Mexico from 1914 until 1917 when the parish of St. Ignatius was erected. In 1921, the now familiar façade of St. Ignatius, designed by the architectural firm of Trost and Trost, was built onto the church. Since 1961, St. Ignatius Parish has been served by the Servite Fathers who came to the Mission Valley in 1957 and assumed the administration of the parish after the Mexican Jesuits relinquished it. St. Ignatius was famous for its music programs, especially during the 1910s to 1930s. For example, a choir, a symphony orchestra, the Philharmonic Club and the St. Ignatius Band were established and earned nationwide recognition.

Area: Central / South Central

Source: Leo Miletich

Uploaded by: El Paso Museum of History


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Beautiful❤ always an elp gem

Photo taken in El Paso, TX. New public housing nearby built circa 2019.

Book ISBN 978-3-7468-2951-0 written by Janine Young contains history of Jesuits and Servite priests who maintained this parish in El Paso, TX.

1960´s This was my elementary school. attended from kinder to 8th. Estela P.

i llove thks church

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