Cattleman's Steakhouse

Cattleman's Steakhouse

Cattleman's Steakhouse at Indian Cliffs Ranch, Fabens, is probably the most famous Steakhouse in the El Paso area. Before the German owner Dieter Gerzymisch bought the ranch, the land was used by Indians. To this day, Indian campsites, fire pits and piles of pottery chards are found all over the ranch. Indians campsites were especially frequent in the Dakota-style badland bluffs, which the locals call Indian Cliffs. The San Antonio stagecoach route crosses the ranch just a mile and a half south of the Steakhouse and there was an adobe stagecoach stop at San Felipe Park. Butterfield stagecoaches also used the route for a short while as the Southern route. The cornerstone of the first building there, now the "Cantina" party facility, was laid in April 1969. There was no water and no electricity in those days, just open land as far as you can see. First, the ranch was a horse rental business. As it grew, it became obvious that a small place for the customers was needed to be able to eat. So the restaurant building was started in 1972 and opened in May of 1973. A few years later, Dieter Gerzymisch took over the restaurant business himself, and since then the restaurant grows. Source:

Area: Mission Valley / Fabens

Uploaded by: El Paso Museum of History


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can`t wait to go!

ay si como no

great place to take tourists!!!

i go here every year

love the food!! ^_^

Cowboy up!!!!!

one of the best places to eat!!! LOVE THE SNAKE PIT!!!


great place

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