Easter - Lola Pantoja

Easter - Lola Pantoja

Two young girls holding Easter baskets.

Courtesy of Lola Pantoja

This object is currently on view in the El Paso Museum of History's newest exhibition Neighborhoods and Shared Memories: South Central on view until April 2024.

Nestled in what was once land that hosted pear orchards and cotton fields flourished a working-class neighborhood that would become synonymous with El Paso’s warm and welcoming nature. Many of its residents settled into this area after being displaced from a neighborhood called Stormsville, which was condemned in 1928 These neighborhoods and their residents helped launch an area that would host iconic establishments and institutions such as Chicos Tacos, Ascarate Park, The County Coliseum, Good Luck Café, Washington Park, Thomas Jefferson High School, and the El Paso Zoo to name a few.

This exhibit is part of an ongoing series that features historic neighborhoods throughout El Paso. Previously highlighted neighborhoods include Chihuahuita, Segundo Barrio, Sunset Heights, and Manhattan Heights.

Area: Central / South Central

Source: Lola Pantoja

Uploaded by: El Paso Museum of History


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