Sara Perez de Madero
Sara Perez de Madero

Sara Perez de Madero

Sara Perez de Madero (1870-1952) was the wife of revolutionary leader and short-time Mexican president Francisco I. Madero. As Francisco, Sara was born into a wealthy family. They met in San Francisco, where both studied. Sara was a friend of Francisco's sisters. Sara and Francisco married in 1903 in Mexico City. Sara became socially active, trying to improve the living conditions of the poor, sick, helpless and orphans. She supported her husband's activities against the regime of Porfirio Diaz and was on his side during the Battle of Juarez. She took care of the injured. When Madero was assassinated during his presidency in 1913, political asylum was granted to her by Cuba. Sara then lived in New York before she returned to Mexico.

Area: Out of Area / Out of Area

Collection: Stout-Feldman Studio Photographs

Source: University of Texas at El Paso Library - Special Collections Department

Reference ID: PH074-890B

Uploaded by: El Paso Museum of History


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