Guadalupe Francisca Salazar

Guadalupe Francisca Salazar

707 S. Park Apt. 4, they had just gotten water about 1 1/2 before they did not have running water. She is standing next to the water pipe. Image Description: A picture of a woman standing in front of a wall and window next to a water pipe. The image is black and white. The woman is posed with one hand in her pocket and the other hand out in front of her. Her hair is a short curly bob cut. She is wearing a collared shirt that is vertically striped. She is wearing a long skirt that reaches her ankles and a belt.

Creator: Salazar, Luis A

Area: Central / South Central

Collection: Neighborhood photos

Source: Luis A. Salazar

Reference ID: 0115

Uploaded by: El Paso Museum of History


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Photo taken in El Paso, TX.

It's the lack of a basic utility for this woman and her household that is historically important.

Photo taken in historic neighborhood of El Paso, TX circa 1955. March is Women's History Month.

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