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Portrait of a woman

Portrait of a woman (name unknown).

Portrait of a woman, 1953

Portrait of a woman (name unknown).

Three women standing together, 1955

Three women in formal wear standind beside each other (names ...

Portrait of Dick Medrano

Portrait of Dick Medrano

Portrait of a girl, 1952

Portrait of a young girl (name unknown).

Portrait of a woman

Portrait of a woman (name unknown).

Portrait of a woman, 1953

A portrait of a woman (name unknown).

A bride, 1953

A photo of a bride (name unknown).

Portrait of a young woman, 1946

Portrait of a young woman (name unknown).

Woman walking down a street

A woman walking down a street, daytime, Juarez (name unknown).

Boy dressed in charro costume

A young boy dressed in a Mexican charro-style costume (name ...

Three boys standing together

Three boys of graduating heights standing in a row (names ...

Man and woman walking outside, 1954

A man and woman walking together outside, daytime, Juarez (names ...

Presumed family standing outside

A presumed family of five standing outside, daytime, Juarez ...

Portrait of a woman (name unknown), 1948

Portrait of a woman (name unknown).

Man holding camera, 1955

Man holding camera in front of wrestling photographs, Juarez ...

Presumed family standing besides cars

A presumed family of 9 standing outside besides multiple ...

Two Women Standing Outside

Two women standing outside, nighttime, Juarez.

Two women standing outside

Two women standing outside, daytime, Juarez

Woman and bridal party

Woman and bridal party in sitting area

Photo of woman and man walking (names unknown)

Black and white photo of woman and man walking near Club San ...

Portrait of two women (names unknown)

Portrait of two women (names unknown)

Brief History of The Links, Incorporated - 1946

El Paso (TX) Chapter, The Links, Incorporated. Brief History of ...

Eva's good friends, El Paso, TX 2022

Aaron and Edgar in kitchen in Mission Hills neighborhood

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