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Luis on Bike

In front of 707 S. Park Apt. 4.

1955 Graduation - Class St. Ignatius - El Paso, Texas

Graduation of girls at St. Ignatius School - El Paso, Texas.

1955 grad. Class St. Ignatius

Saint Ignatius Catholic School 1955 male grads with parish ...

Miguel Martinez Jr. in toy car

Miguel in the toy car in court yard

In the Alley Behind house

In the alley behind their house on 1015 S. Santa Fe, they used ...

Snow - 1950's

Miguel Jr, wearing muffs, snowman and sister Annie

Martinez Family

Miguel Jr, Miguel Sr., Uncle Henry and Annie next snow man

Miguel Jr. and Annie - 1950's

Brother and sister next to chicken coup with snow

Miguel Martinez and Miguel Jr. in Juarez

Photograph in Juarez in front of horse


Backyard on 1015 S. Santa Fe, Miguel and Annie

Willie (Chicken Coup)

Miguel and Annie Martinez

Anna Rodriguez circa 1945

Anne Rodriguez holding baby Willie and mother Lucy Martinez

Miguel on Pony

A man would walk around the neighborhood with a pony and people ...

Martinez Birthday Party

Children outside with pinata

Birthday Party

Sister Annie under 1st. Pinata (names listed on the back of the ...

Miguel's 1st Birthday

Names are listed on the back of the photo, 1015 South Santa Fe

Bowie High School

Bolden, and Miguel in front of school

Our Lady Youth Center ("KC") Youth Summer Volunteer Worker

Group picture of boys who would do yard work in other ...

La Nortena

409 S. Stanton Butcher shop in photo is Manuel and sister in El ...

Father outside Grocery Store

Store on Kansas and 4th

Mom's Grocery - El Paso, Texas

Grocery store located at 600 S. Kansas, El Paso, Texas. Father ...

Alamito Terrace Dedication - El Paso, Texas

Pictured Mayor John Cook & US House Representative Silvestre ...

Alamito Terrace Dedication II - El Paso, Texas

Image shows U.S. House Representative Sylvester Reyes and Mayor ...

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