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Pan American Karate Championship - 1974 - Video

Pan American Karate Championship - 1974 - Feb 23, 1974 - El Paso ...

Austin High School students- 1974

Student from Austin High School playing the guitar in the quad ...

Weigh - In -Jennifer Han and Calista Silgado Fight - 2016

Photograph taken during the weigh-in at Southwest University ...

David Ochoa - 1958

David Ochoa - photograph was taken in South Central El Paso, ...

David Ochoa - 1995

David Ochoa is screening for a movie.

Julia Flores

Julia Flores in South Central in El Paso, Texas.

Flores Family - El Paso, Texas

Flores Family in South Central, El Paso, Texas.

Marie Ochoa and Madlen Ochoa

Marie Ochoa and Madlen Ochoa - daughter and niece of David ...

Salvador Ochoa and Julia Ochoa - 1939

Salvador Ochoa and Julia Ochoa downtown El Paso, Texas.

Julia Flores - 1937 - El Paso, Texas

Julia Flores in 1937- mother of David Ochoa.

David Ochoa and Mercy

David Ochoa and Mercy out on town in El Paso, Texas.

Austin's Cheerleaders - 1974

Left to Right: Dodie Cortez, Debbie Louie, Sandy Martinez, Josie ...

David Ochoa's Aunt

David Ochoa's aunt with her friend. On right of the image ...

David Ochoa - 1975 Championship - Video

Southwest Full Contact Kickboxing - April 18, 1975 - Main Event: ...

David Ochoa

Heavyweight Champion -Southwest Full Contact Kickboxing.

David Ochoa

David Ochoa - First Heavyweight Champion from El Paso.

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