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Family decorating a Christmas tree

Five family members decorating a Christmas tree with tinsel. ...

Easter '76

Jorge, Candelaria, Eulalio (backrow); Josie, Ida, Candace (front ...

Aunt Gloria

In house behind grocery store at 915 S. Santa Fe

Family Celebrating Easter - 1958 - El Paso, Texas

The Candelaria family celebrates Easter. Grandma Candelaria is ...

Cande in Easter '58

Candelaria Villalva

Christmas on Telles

804 Telles, Antonio Baca and sibling

Toy Run Distribution

Chihuahuita Community Center

Mickie & Marine

Marines would donate toys to Chihuahuita; Micaela Subia

Toys at Chihuahuita Community Center

Part of Micaela Subia's Toy Run/Giveaway

Christmas Toy Run

Sorting toys at Chihuahuita Community Center

Christmas Toy Giveaway

Ed & Elizabeth Corlis

Easter Get-together at the Subia home in 1990

A family celebrates Easter at Florentino "Lico" Subia's House, ...

Easter Get-together 1989

Florentino "Lico" Subia's House 502 Canal Rd

Easter Party 1991

Florentino "Lico" Subia's House 502 Canal Rd

1991 Easter Party & dancing

Micaela (wife) & Florentino "Lico" Subia (husband) - 1991 Easter ...

Easter Party 1991

Florentino "Lico" Subia's House 502 Canal Rd

Easter Sunday

house on Campbell St. Jesus, Cecilia, Maria Teresa, Guadalupe ...

Easter Sunday V

Family group picture: left to right: Marie Teresa Ramirez ...

Easter Sunday III

Jesus Ramirez with basket on Campbell st

Easter Sunday IV

Maria Teresa at the bottom with other kids

Easter Sunday - 1950 - 1959 - El Paso, Texas

Visiting great grandmother on Campbell Street in El Paso, Texas. ...

The Twins Halloween

boys with painted faces, standing in grass

Independence Day

Alamo Elem. Children on the 16th of Sept. Mexican Independence ...

Dia de San Juan - El Paso, Texas

Boys wrestling in the grass and getting wet for John the Baptist ...

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