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On Leave from Vietnam

Antonio Baca was drafted into Army towards end of the war.

Camp Chaffee, Arkansas

Francisco Alvarez

Nome, Alaska - 1943

Franciso Alvarez in Nome, Alaska - 1943.

In Alaska

Francisco Alvarez in the Army stationed in Alaska, Francisco is ...

Soldier in Chihuahuita

"El Chino" served in Vietnam who married Carmen's sister Adela's ...

Crayne Portrait

Charles Crayne (19yrs) & Rosa Fierro Crayne (16yrs); taken when ...

Pedro in Uniform

Pedro Raminez signed up during Korea War

Pedro Raminez

Pedro Raminez Portrait

Juan Jose "JJ" Bustillos

Army, went to Germany

Leopold Bustillos Sr. - El Paso, Texas

Leopold Bustillos Sr. was in the army, stationed in Japan and ...

Felix Manuel Bustillos

Felix was in the army stationed in Alaska, he was the oldest ...

On Leave

Soldier came home from WWII on leave in the yard of outside of ...

On Leave

Father was on leave form WWII, Catarino Jr., Margie, Catarino ...

Soldier I

Augustine V. Fierro was drafted in Army & served in Pacific, ...

Jose Valenzuela

Jose Valenzuela was a paratrooper who won the Silver Star & ...

Navy - World War II

Luis Villanueva (Rosa Crayne's uncle)

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