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UTEP Sunset 1989

UTEP sunset Sept 1989. Picture was published in Border Trax ...

UTEP Sunset 5 1988

Photograph of the sunset - UTEP.

UTEP Library, SE corner, 12-14-87

UTEP library, SE corner 12-11-87 & 12-14-87 Same corner, ...

UTEP Puddle 7-27-90

UTEP puddle 7-27-90 Taken along Hawthorne and one of UTEP’s ...

UTEP Snow c1987a

UTEP snow c1987 a-e My photo album of campus snow photos was ...

UTEP Museum A 10-12-09

UTEP Museum A-C (dates are in the captions) The art work above ...

UTEP bookstore 10-12-09

UTEP bookstore 10-12-09 At the corner of Sun Bowl Drive and ...

UTEP Fog 12-8-92a

UTEP fog c 1982

UTEP Fog 12-8-92

Photograph of a building at UTEP.

Sunset 1. 1988

Taken somewhere on the fringes of the UTEP campus.

Sun Bowl 10-30-08a

Sun Bowl 10-30-08 a & b

Pickax 9-3-11a - El Paso, Texas

pickax 9-3-11 a & b A sculpture in the center of a new traffic ...

UTEP Library c1981

A night shot of the old library taken from the steps of the ...

Education Bldg Winter c1987

Education Triangle was replaced with UTEP Centennial Plaza in ...

Education Bldg c1985

Taken from Wiggins Street looking through Leech Grove. (Named ...

Education Bldg, 5-2-1991

Taken from University Ave.

Campus Squirrel

Campus Squirrel located on UTEP campus - El Paso, Texas.

UTEP Benedict Hall

Benedict Hall c1989 Located on Wiggins Rd., just south of ...

UTEP Academic Service Building

Academic Services Located along Schuster just south of ...

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