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The Silva's in Silva's Grocery & Market

Jose R. Silva, Elvira Silva at Silva's Grocery & Market located ...

Original Building "El Faro"

Silva's Super Marker, originally named "El Faro" and located at ...

Grandmother's Wake

In front of store for Grandmother's funeral when parking still ...

Villalva's Grocery Store

First opened when other store on street closed; Eulalio & ...

Ramona with Trophy

Ramona Villalva

Villalva's Grocery Football Team

"Junie, Guero, Tito"

Red Cab Employees - El Paso, Texas

Severo Limon owned taxi stands on Santa Fe Street, near bridge ...

Chico’s Tacos on Alameda - El Paso, Texas

Chico's Tacos on Alameda Street in El Paso, Texas. Young woman ...

Sunshine Daycare Recital

boys and girls dancing

Sunshine Daycare Boys Exercise

Boys doing exercise

Cheerleaders - Sunshine Day Care

Cheerleaders dancing in a room at the Sunshine Day Care Center.

Sunshine Daycare

boys class exercise

Champion Shoe Store - 109 South Mesa, El Paso, Texas

Champion Shoe Shop, Mario Sanchez 1st from left, 6th Ralph, Y ...

La Nortena

409 S. Stanton Butcher shop in photo is Manuel and sister in El ...

Father outside Grocery Store

Store on Kansas and 4th

Mom's Grocery - El Paso, Texas

Grocery store located at 600 S. Kansas, El Paso, Texas. Father ...

Sinclair Service Station III

Salvador L. Fierro owned service station located on 7th St. & St ...

Sinclair Service Station II

Salvador L. Fierro owned service station located on 7th St. and ...

Gunning Casteel Truck III

Salvador L. Fierro (Rosa Crayne's father) worked for Gunning ...

American Furniture - 1972

Family in front of American Furniture across from 105 S. Lee.

Photo Store II - El Paso, Texas

Photo store 105 South Lee

Photo Store I

Photo store 105 South Lee

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