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Photo El Paso car clubs.

Car plaque used on cars in the 1950's.

Eastridge Community Christmas Lights - 2015

Eastridge Community Christmas Lights--during Christmas El Paso, ...

Out in the desert by Montana Vista

Layed out in the desert, air suspension

Two Soldiers in Car

These two soldiers are sitting in a Maxwell car. Maxwell was a ...

TWR Auto Parts Store on Alameda Ave

The image shows one of the many old-time shops on Alameda Ave in ...

Streetcar 1504 - Poster

Streetcar 1504 was part of El Paso City Lines, a subsidiary of ...

Classic Car - El Paso, Texas

Orange classic car still drives around areas in El Paso. ...

Frank and Chevy - El Paso, Texas

Frank Rivera in front of Chevy and second ward sign in ...

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