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Baby Rattlesnake

Baby rattlesnake near the El Paso Archaeology Museum - El Paso, ...

Baby Rattlesnake

Rattlesnakes are predators that live in a wide array of ...

El Paso Archaeology Museum

El Paso Archaeology Museum near the Franklin Mountains.


Shadow who was Nancy Bain's companion for many years. Shadow is ...

Nancy Bain and Shadow - El Paso, Texas

Image taken in the Castner Range--Nancy Bain with Shadow in a ...

Flood 2013

After the flood in 2013, near El Paso Archaeology Museum.

Flood 2013

During the flood of 2013. Photograph taken near the El Paso ...

Flood 2013

During the flood in the year 2013. Near the El Paso Archaeology ...

Flood 2013

Floodwaters near the Archaeology Museum.

Swirl - Aztec Dancer

Swirl Aztec dancer.

Aztec Dancer's Circle

Aztec Dancers circle with the public.

Aztec Dancers

Aztec Dancers during a ceremony in the Franklin Mountains. ...

Poppies In Bloom

Poppies in bloom at the Castner Range in El Paso, Texas.

People Watching the Poppies

A group of people in a field of poppies near the El Paso ...

Poppies Are Blooming

Poppies blooming near the El Paso Archaeology Museum. The year ...

Poppies Blooming

Poppies blooming near the El Paso Museum of Archaeology. ...

Poppies In Full Bloom

Poppies in full bloom in the Franklin Mountains - El Paso, ...

Poppies In Garden of Archaeology Museum

Entrance to the Archaeology Museum. Located in El Paso, Texas.


Poppies in the Castner Range.

Poppies Trail, El Paso, TX, 2007

Poppies Trail with the Franklin Mountains in the background. The ...

Yellow and Orange Poppies

Yellow poppies with orange centers.

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