Dr. Love, approximate age early 30's.

"My father, Dr. Jerome Dow Love, graduated from the University of Arkansas School of Medicine in 1893 and was persuaded by the school to start his practice in southern New Mexico's Lincoln and Otero counties where ranchers in the sparsely settled country were desperately in need of a doctor. Dr. Love eventually returned to further his medical education in New York after these early years in southern New Mexico. After he married my mother, Ollie Payne of Palmer, Texas in 1902, they were traveling to Arizona to begin their life together and a new practice. However, when El Paso was reached, my mother refused to cross the state line out of the great state of Texas. They settled here and so began my father's years of practice in the El Paso area." - by Cornelia Love Owen

Dr. Jerome Love's early years in southern New Mexico is filled with many interesting stories and experiences, including amputating a forester's legs in Cloudcroft whose legs had frozen during a snowstorm, sewing a three year old boy's legs back together which had been "severed and hanging by strands of flesh" after accidentally being run over by his father in a horse-drawn vehicle while working on his ranch, and repairing rancher Mr. Albert Sanders' hands after it had been blown to shreds by dynamite while well-digging.

Dr. Love was born in 1868 and passed away at the age of 80 in 1948.

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Mission Valley / Ysleta, (1890 - 1899), Health

  • Jerome Dow Love
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Dr. Love, approximate age early 30's

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