Art and poetry from Ruby J. Aguayo, El Paso, TX post Aug 3, 2019.

“Streams of Love in the Desert”
Its light filled with terror and eager to burn.
Scorched, suffering ground, can you hear its cries of thirst?
Merciless winds drive the sweltering sand,
hostility and degradation in a waterless land.
A resting place reserved for the resilient.
Only those who encounter grace arrive at sunset to see its brilliance.
An exclusive view for the survivors.
Beings made wiser and turned into fighters.
Cruelty and beauty interwoven together.
Filling you with hope or stealing your faith altogether.
I too have witnessed both.
It’s created self-loathing and helped me to grow.
The Echeveria Pulidonis lives to tell it all.
Recording its trials from sun rise to night fall.
Memories of strength fill its history.
You won’t regret staying to unearth the mystery.
Stories of brave deserters lie beneath the countless stars.
Despite its great hostility they have lived to mend their scars.
May their eyes be filled with hope and turned from poisoning hate.
May they never turn from kindness and always seek a peaceful state.

Uploaded on 09.24.2019 by Ruby J. Aguayo

Westside / Resler, (2010 - 2019), Art

  • Walmart Massacre
  • Conflict
  • Poetry

"Poetry and drawing produced in El Paso, TX after assault Aug 3, 2019." - Eva Ross

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Streams of Love in the Desert

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