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Courtesy of: Alyssa Navarette
Title: Untitled
Historias Type: Poem

mi grama, me recuerda de júpiter.
when i asked her what her favorite thing about herself was,

“ser mamá” was her response.
y cuando pregunté de su fuerza favorito,
ella respondió, that to come here. to el paso, to work, to build everything she had up, to become a mom and provide. this is her favorite strength.

and while i’m sure some stuff was lost in translation,
the answers are knowledgeable all the same.

she has the fuerza, like jupiter.
she teaches me about growth, expansion, journey, experience, spirituality, faith.

she is wise, fun, fierce, y fuerte.

my mom, reminds me of neptune.
the planet that rules forces that are larger than ourselves.
she stands strong, head held up high.
when i saw chaos, she stood there calmly in the middle of it all confident, in control.

when i asked her “what’s your favorite thing about yourself? what do you consider your greatest strength?”

the only answer i got was a screenshot of the word, “persevere” with its definition and a text, “with procrastination. and i was left to imagine the rest.

she is a woman of few words. she is mysterious, strong, and wise.

my older sister. as kids we were often mistaken for twins. she reminds me of mercury. the ruler of communication.

her answers to my questions?
her favorite thing about herself is her capacity to love, and her work ethic is her favorite strength.

this is communicated remarkably clear when you watch her interactions with her daughter.
she is a master at communicating compassionately, at listening, at navigating conversations gracefully. whether between me, my mom, other family, or whoever, she is there. she shows up consistently with her huge capacity for love. working to facilitate the communications we need to feel heard, understood, and supported.

i have a deep love and appreciation for clear communication, and a great listener. she is a messenger from the skies always reminding me (like her) that i am loved, cared for, and strong.

my little sister reminds me of venus.
she has my heart. whole. venus is the ruler of love, beauty, relationships, creativity, talents, and arts.

every chance i get i tell her how cool, smart, and beautiful she is. she is always doing things that even now i am sometimes, too scared or too anxious to do.

she makes art and shares it. she gifts it. once i asked why she makes the artistic choices she did. she shrugged her shoulders and simply said thats just what happened. something i strive for.

when i asked her the same questions,
she said, “i like that i am able to do many things that i thought i couldn’t do. my biggest strength is being able to do all the things that i can do.”

she is loving, beautiful, creative, brave, talented, artistic, and i look to her. my love and admiration for her is what inspires my relationship to myself and others.

these women, these roots in el paso, are as beautiful as the skies, they are strong, sacred, they give me meanings in life.

Uploaded on 06.04.2020 by El Paso Museum of History

Central / Downtown, (2020 - 2029), Cultural Heritage

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Historias: Stories of El Paso - Virtual Exhibition

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