El Paso for Black Lives March from Cleveland Square to San Jacinto Plaza
June 10, 2020
Cleveland Square

Image Description: Two individuals are pictured in this color photograph, street scene. The first individual, on the left-hand side of the photograph, is wearing a white baseball cap with a red bandana covering the majority of his face. He is wearing a green t-shirt with straps visible from a backpack over his shoulders. He is posed atop of a black bicycle frame with a white poster board frame taped to the bicycle which reads in all caps – BLM. Behind this individual, there is a beige building. In-between the individuals, and on the far horizon, there are additional buildings, traffic lights, and a light blue, cloudless sky. The second individual to the left of the man in green is wearing all black clothing, with a black beanie cap, and black face mask which covers all of his face with the exception of his eyes. This man has posed on top of a black bicycle. To the right of this individual, there are strip mall-type buildings and a blue sky above.

Uploaded on 06.29.2020 by El Paso Museum of History

Central / Downtown, (2020 - 2029), Conflict

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El Paso For Black Lives

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