James McQueen McIntosh was born on March 7, 1862, in Fort Brooke, Florida. James’s father was killed in action with the rank of Colonel. James’s brother was a Union general. The family also had a Revolutionary War commander uncle by the name of General Lachlan McIntosh. ⁣

James attended the United States Military Academy ‘West Point’ and graduated last of his class of 1849. James served as second lieutenant in the infantry and later serving on the cavalry. In 1854, he served on the Eight Infantry Regiment stationed at Ft. Bliss.⁣

During the Civil War he resigned his commission in the United States Army. In the Confederate States Army, he obtained the rank of Brigadier General. He was impulsive and according to some historians, Mcintosh neglected his duties as Brigadier General, in one case, he led his men in front of battle. James was killed in the Battle of Pea Ridge in the division of Ben McCulloch. ⁣

McIntosh, Jackson, and Higgins were the first masons El Paso Lodge # 130 A.F. & A.M. had. Jackson obtained the rank of Captain and was the second President of the masonic lodge. McIntosh is buried in Fort Smith National Cemetery. Higgins was killed in 1860. ⁣

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Central / Old Ft. Bliss, (1850 - 1859), Military

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James McQueen McIntosh

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