“On this site, with the butterfield stages rumbling by, stood a saloon operated by Ben S. Dowell, who became the first Mayor of El Paso on August 15, 1873; with Alderman John F. Evans, John S. Gillette, Andrew Hornick, Thomas N. Massie, Joseph Schutz and William Tryer. Their first official act was to pass Ordinance No. 1, making it illegal for any person to bathe in El Paso’s water and drinking supply…namely, an acequia which ran 150 feet north of this location.

From this inauspicious beginning grew a great city at this pass of the north a crossroads of the Western Hemi-sphere. This bronze is dedicated to those who through the years have helped shape the destiny of El Paso, to its rightful place in the affairs of man, an international city of strength, warmth and continuing opportunity for all its people…our El Paso.”

The State National Bank of El Paso, Texas
August 15, 1973

*All the men mentioned were members of El Paso Lodge # 130 A.F. & A.M. as well as the President of The State National Bank who presented the plaque.

Uploaded on 05.27.2021 by Alonso Wells IV

Central / Downtown, (1970 - 1979), Cultural Heritage

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