My Maternal-Great-Grandmother ,Avelina Sanchez De Casillas. She was born in Encarnacion de Diaz, Jalisco, Mexico. She died in Ysleta (El Paso) in 1933 of pneumonia. She is buried at the old Ysleta Cemetery. She was a seamstress.

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Mission Valley / Ysleta, (1910 - 1919), Family and Friends

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March is Women's History Month annually in the USA. Family photos of women in any family are very informative. Such photos are a treasure. Based on info above I think this woman died at a pretty early age. I'd like to know how hard it was to gain entry into her life as a seamstress in Ysleta .

Joseph Longo, please email me. I am Karen Munoz, and I am working on a project regarding the old Ysleta (Mount Carmel) cemetery. I am uploading photos of all the graves that I have photographed there, and I am trying to talk with the Catholic Diocese and Tiguas about the condition of the old cemetery. I would love to discuss with you. Please email me at

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Avelina Sanchez De Casillas

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