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Students Learn About Farm Life

Roosevelt Elementary School students learn about farm life and animals, El Paso, Texas circa 1965.

Students with Bulbs in Basement

Students Cruz Falcon, Reymundo Sifuentes, Arturo Rodriguez and Roberto Torres water tulips in the basement for darkness, El Paso, Texas.

Roosevelt Student Council - 1960

Roosevelt Elementary School student council were visited by Mayor Raymond Telles, Alderman Ernesto Craigo, KTSM weather reporter Ted Bender, Ray...

Roosevelt Elementary School Classroom

Students studying at Roosevelt Elementary school, El Paso, Texas.

Roosevelt School Program

Students performing program at Roosevelt Elementary school, El Paso, Texas.

Boys & Firefighter

Boys from Roosevelt Elementary School learn about fire exringuisher from fire fighter, El paso, Texas.

Flag & Schoolchildren

Boys with United States flag at Roosevelt Elementary school, El Paso,Texas.

Boys and Girls on Staircase

This is a picture of boys and girls on a staircase at Roosevelt Elementary School in El Paso, Texas.

Roosevelt Elementary School Program

School program at Roosevelt Elementary school, El Paso, Texas.

Douglass Grammar and High School

Photo: Douglass Elementary School--Segundo Barrio

In September 1883, El Paso's black families organized a private school and...

Celebrating Roosevelt's 50th Anniversary - El Paso, Texas

Children and teacher celetrating Roosevelt Elementary School's 50th Anniversary in El Paso, Texas.

Douglass High School Reunion

In 1981 a graduating class of Douglass High School held a reunion in El Paso, Texas. In September 1883, El...

Douglass High School Reunion

A graduation class of Douglass High School reunion in 1981 in El Paso, Texas.

PE Class at Douglass High School

Physical Education class at Douglass High School in El Paso, Texas.

Graduation Class -Douglass High School - 1953

Graduation from Frederick Douglass High School, 101 S. Eucalyptus Street, El Paso, Texas - Graduation Class.


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