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Family Picture - El Paso, Texas

This picture is of sisters, Virginia Montestruc (standing), and Angelina Montestruc. Mother of the two little girls is Jesusita R...

Family Picture - El Paso, Texas

Grandma Jesusita is standing with daughter Victoriana.

March is Women's History Month nationally.

Family Pictures

Henri and Mario Sanchez

Family Pictures

Mr. and Mrs. Montestruc -- Antonio Noel Montestruc and Maria de Jesus Rivera Montestruc. Married June 26, 1880 in Silver...

Guadalupe Francisca Salazar

707 S. Park Apt. 4, they had just gotten water about 1 1/2 before they did not have running water....

Luis on Bike

In front of 707 S. Park Apt. 4.

1955 Graduation - Class St. Ignatius - El Paso, Texas

Graduation of girls at St. Ignatius School - El Paso, Texas.

1955 grad. Class St. Ignatius

Saint Ignatius Catholic School 1955 male grads with parish priests.

Miguel Martinez Jr. in toy car

Miguel in the toy car in court yard

In the Alley Behind house

In the alley behind their house on 1015 S. Santa Fe, they used to play in the alley

Snow - 1950's

Miguel Jr, wearing muffs, snowman and sister Annie

Martinez Family

Miguel Jr, Miguel Sr., Uncle Henry and Annie next snow man

Miguel Jr. and Annie - 1950's

Brother and sister next to chicken coup with snow

Miguel Martinez and Miguel Jr. in Juarez

Photograph in Juarez in front of horse


Backyard on 1015 S. Santa Fe, Miguel and Annie

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