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Meeting for Protest march

Protest against Mayor Bert Williams. Abel Aguilera talking to the people.

American Furniture - 1972

Family in front of American Furniture across from 105 S. Lee.

Sandra 1yr Birthday

Sandra 1yr Birthday

Pinata - 1952

Boy with pinata in the El Segundo Barrio area.

Susan and mother - 1972

Photograph taken in the El Segundo Barrio area in the year 1972. Location is in El Paso, Texas.

Photo Store II - El Paso, Texas

Photo store 105 South Lee

Photo Store I

Photo store 105 South Lee

Graduation with Bear

Bowie Bear stuffed animal, bear would be put on top of car during homecoming parade.

Bowie High School graduation 1978

Day of Graduation in front of 1120 E. 5th apt #2, Margarita

Image Description: An action...

First Communion

First Communion in San Ignacio. Photo taken in their apt. Raul Lopez and Margarita Lopez

Award at Houchen - El Paso, Texas

Margarita Alonso received an award for sewing, along with Laura Calderon.
March is Women's History Month


Aluminum tree in bedroom because nativity scene went in living room. Shared room with 4 sisters

Award at Houchen I

Margarita Alonso received an award for sewing, Ms. Little director of Houchen
Photo taken in El Paso, TX...

Mother and son

on Virginia St. Florentina Lopez (mother) and Raul Lopez Jr. (baby)

Child On Metal Horse - El Paso, Texas

In front of home, Margarita Alonso daughter) and Florentina Lopez (mother)

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