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El Paso

El Paso

Still Waiting for the Train to El Paso (2)

Sister Romney, Maxell Romney, Maxell's nephew, Lindon Bluth Casas Grandes Mexico

Sister city zarape

Sister City Zarape. C. 2017 12Wx12H Oil & Enamel on Metal roller gate.
Artist- Grave Herrera

Dormmates South Hall

Residents of South Hall Dorm (L-R) Lorna Fish, Barbara Barret, Anna Mabin, Glenna Pratt, Lucille Hansen, Vera Whetten (Pratt) Tempe,...

Still Waiting for the Train to El Paso

Vera Whetten (Pratt), Linden Bluth, Demar Farnsworth Summer 1945 Casas Grandes, Mexico

Barbara's First Trip to the Colonies

Barbara Barret Colonia Juarez Mexico Summer 1945

Waiting for the Train to El Paso

Vera Whetten Pratt waiting for the train to visit El Paso for Youth Conference Summer 1945 Casas Grandes, Mexico

Barbara's First Horseback Ride

Barbara Barret Colonia Juarez Summer 1945

Sorority Initiation Solo

Gate Post - Vera Whetten Pratt 8th STreet Sorority (K Alpha?) across from the Arizona State Campus, Tempe, AZ September...

Sorority Initiation

Part of initiation into the sorority. Wearing sheets for a week and green lipstick and green nail polish. Front Row...

Band Trip Colonia Chuichupa

Band Trip Colonia Chuichupa 1941 Lucile Turley, Vera Whetten (Pratt), Part of a group of concerts given Pacheco, Garcia, Chuichupa...

College Registration Day (2)

College Registration Day Lucile Turley and Vera Whetten (Pratt) Tempe, AZ Arizona State University 1944

Desert Moon

Desert Moon 2019. 12Hx 25w Latex acrylic & enamel on mortar wall..

College Registration Day Arizona State University Tempe, AZ

Lucile Turley on the day Lucile and Vera registered for college at Arizona State University, 1944

Pre Bull Fight Parade

Madelyn Hatch, Valentin Valenzuela, Vera Pratt, Setting up before handing the flags to women leading the parade as flagbearers. Grounds...

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