What is Digie?

DIGIE stands for Digital Information Gateway In El Paso.

DIGIE is a vast collection of images and videos exploring El Paso’s past and present. It examines its people and its many cultures on giant 3-D touch-sensitive TV screens at the Museum of History and on a mobile Mini-Digie as well. Our Mini-Digie will be transported to classrooms, malls, community centers and other locations where citizens gather so everyone has the opportunity to experience and be included in El Paso’s digital history.

The collection of images that powers DIGIE can also be browsed on this website. Most importantly, you can upload your own collection of images telling your own life story or your family history for all to share.

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Latest contributions

El Maida Shriners

Meeting of El Maida Shrine.

El Paso Commandery # 18

El Paso Commandery # 18, Knights Templar. (*R.C. Lightbody, Mayor of El Paso is in the photo). This organization belongs...

Honoring the victims

By Diana Calderon, La Morena and Gabe Real

El Paso Strong. Lord, make us instruments of peace.

Mural in honor ov 8/3/2019 victims, located on Main St and Market. It was realized by Artists Diana Calderon, El...

1st Worshipful Master of Fraternity Masonic Lodge #1111

A.J. Carpenter was the first elected Worshipful Master of Fraternity Lodge #1111 in Downtown El Paso. It was the second...



Raul and Maria Flores August 3rd 2019 victims

July 25th 2019
9 days before the incident celebrating their 60th anniversary with loved ones at cheddars.

Maria and Raul Flores August 3rd 2019 victims

July 25th 2019
9 days before the incident celebrating their 60th anniversary with loved ones at cheddars.

Jefferson-Silva is El Paso Strong

Following the August 3rd shooting, Jefferson-Silva High School stood in unity with the community sharing their message of being "El...

Somos La Frontera (We are the Border)

The day following the horrific tragedy of the August 3rd shooting, community leaders held a peaceful protest demand change for...

Con Dios (With God)

Among the many prayers, love letters and words of encouragement and support found at the Cielo Vista Walmart, some comfort...

El Paso Strong

A community joined together through pain and heart-break, pay their respects to the August 3rd Walmart shooting victims.

Makeshift Walmart Memorial for August 3rd

Image from the makeshift memorial at Walmart for the victims of the August 3rd terrorist attack.

Graveside service for Margie Reckard -Walmart Victim

Doves were released At Margie Reckard’s graveside service

Walmart Memorial

Early beginnings of Walmart Memorial

Angelina Silva Englisbee

My friend Willam Englisbee Mother who was murdered at Walmart 8/3/2020

Mourning far away from home.

El Pasoans all around the nation felt the same pain. This is in Austin Texas.

El Pasoans in Austin gather to mourn.

From Austin with Love

With love, from 580 miles away!

To any El Pasoan anywhere in the world, the pain was the same.

Remembering the victims of EP Shooting, from 580 miles away.

The names of the victims were called and a minute of silence followed.

Learned on Tik Tok art

Aj at 10 years old painting !

El Paso Strong Light Display

A local El Paso family pays tribute by honoring the 23 victims that lost their lives in the August 3...

"Outsider" Poem

This is a poem written on August 4, 2019 in response to the tragic events committed against the city of...

The Desert Will Remember

Computer illustrated graphic symbolizing the Desert as a living being. Inspired by Mexican pottery that is prominent in the Southwest....