Selfa Chew @ El Paso Museum of History, 2022

Selfa Chew is an author and University of Texas at El Paso professor of Borderlands History.

Creator: Eva K. Ross

Area: Central / Austin Terrace

Uploaded by: Eva Ross


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Antone women at St. Patrick's Cathedral circa1953

Bernadine Antone and her three oldest children Eva, Margie, Lucy Ellen on the occasion of Margie's first Communion

Creator: Felix Antone

Area: Central / El Paso High

Uploaded by: Eva Ross


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Photo taken in El Paso, TX 1953

March is Women's History Month annually. All of the Antone women in picture were fine teachers. Lucy at far right educated folks in federal personnel regulations. Margie in center was competitive band director in Ysleta Independent School.

Mary Ann Cunningham SL w/ Sisters of Loretto from Pakistan

Mary Ann Cunningham SL w/ Sisters of Loretto from Pakistan 21 JAN 2001

Area: Out of Area / Out of Area

Source: Eva Ross

Uploaded by: Eva Ross


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Eva Ross called her former Latin teacher who was living in Nerinx KY at the Motherhouse in December 2024. Sister Ann Michael aka Mary Ann Cunningham was such a pleasure with whom to share memories. Notice correct use of objective case.

Mary Ann Cunningham authored a chapter in the book, A Century of Change, Loretto's Second Century 1912-2012, published by Chardon Press P. Box 1376 Point Reyes Station, Ca 94956

March is Women's History Month. annually in the USA. Mary Ann Cunningham aka Sister Ann Michael taught Latin and directed the choir at Loretto Academy in El Paso, TX during the 1960's. She later became a teacher at Loretto Heights in Denver CO. In 2021 the Sisters of Loretto were supporting the mission of education of young women in Pakistan. About 2020 Cunningham retired to the Motherhouse in Nerinx KY.

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