Twenty year reunion of Loretto Seniors of 1965. Starting from the bottom--left to right-First Row: Norma Raney, Carol Singer, Floy Ana Roe, Lilia Alonso, Lupe Gonzalez, Peta Naylor, Linda Lee Strohmeyer, Yvonne ''Bonnie'' Garcia, Marsha Brown, Mary Pam Hall, Eliz "Lizzy" Salcibo, Pat Vasquez. Second Row- left to right: Alicia Cuaron, Mary Gay Therriault, Betsy Melan, Esther Quinones, Ruth Glanville, Sue Jennings, Irma Contreras, Sara Escobedo, Ms. Dolores Del Castillo, Ms. Dolores Briones, Yvette Douglass, Loretta Saucedo. Third Row - left to right: Imelda Alvarez, RosAngela Parga, Mary Frias, Ruth Baquera, Irma LuJan, ? , Magda Castellamos, Lupe Casteneda, Bonnie Clare Maly. Fourth Row - left to right: Jo Ann Wardy, Mary Lou, ? , Vicki Monteros, Mary Bomback, Carmen Sanchez, Blond?, Christine Wardy, Kathleen Archuleta. Fifth Row - left to right: Janet "Jan" Sparrow, Suzie Miramontes, Toni Bower?, ?, Theresa Navar. Sixth Row - left to right: Mary Alice Caballero, Barbara Gehring, Susie Lynch?, Ana Marin, Rosario "Chayo" Trejo, Christina Garcia, ? , ?, Patti Chipman.

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Central / Austin Terrace, (1980 - 1989), Education

  • Loretto Academy
  • senior class
  • 1965
  • loretto reunion
  • loretto seniors
  • 1985
  • Loretto
  • women

March is Women's History Month.

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Loretto Academy Class of 1965

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