Protest for George Floyd
Memorial Park & El Paso Police Headquarters
May 31st, 2020.

Image Description: In this color photograph, an individual wearing a black, long-sleeved t-shirt is holding a large protest poster made on brown corrugated cardboard that features a closed fist. Above the close fist are the words “Latinos for” and within the forearm of the fist are the words “Black Lives Matter. The face of the individual is obscured by the sign. To the left of the individual there, is an additional protester wearing a blue headscarf, black t-shirt, and yellow backpack. This individual is also holding a protest sign on a white poster board. To the left of this protester, there is a red car framed by green pine trees and a blue sky. To the right of the individual holding the brown corrugated cardboard sign, there are three individuals, multiple cars, and trees.

Uploaded on 06.29.2020 by El Paso Museum of History

Central / Manhattan Heights, (2020 - 2029), Conflict

  • black lives matter
  • George Floyd
  • protest
  • Meet El Pasoans

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Protest for George Floyd

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