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Folklorico Dance Recital Juarez Stake Academy, Chihuahua Mexico

Toni Marie Jones, Juarez Stake Academy, Chihuahua, Mexico 1996?

Toni Marie Jones Portrait, age 4

Toni Marie Jones, 1989

Folklorico Dance Recital

Traditional Spanish Dance Group Performance Colonia Dublin Stake Center Chihuahua, Mexico L-R Toni Marie Jones Call, Evangelina Quezada. Dance class...

Toni's Fourth Birthday

Toni Marie Jones Call, in the photo, she's holding the kitty that she got for her birthday. Living Room, Jones...

Fun with Dad

Cassie Jones, Tyson Jones, Toni Marie Jones Call, Back Tony LaRue Jones on a forklift from the farm Backyard, Jones...

Toni's Baptism Day

Baptism Toni Maria ones Call, Tony LaRue Jones, Colonia Dublin Stake Center, Chihuahua, Mexico November 6, 1994

Christmas Caroling in El Paso

In Christmas time we would cross the border to El Paso and go on tour to Sunland Park Mall, Bassett...

Toni's First Ballet Recital Colonia Dublin Stake Center

Toni Marie Jones loved the recital because everyone she loved friends and cousins, were involved (and she was mad that...

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of El Paso First Ward (2)

20th Anniversary program for the Douglas Chapel, the first LDS Chapel in Texas, dedicated by President Grant, the President of...

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of El Paso First Ward Program

20th Anniversary program cover for the Douglas Chapel, the first LDS Chapel in Texas, dedicated by President Grant, the President...

The Train Finally Came!

L-R Flora Jean Taylor, Maxell Romney, Rollabon Bluth, Vera Whetten (Pratt) There's a man in the shadow in the caboose...

Barbara's Ride on the Horse Drawn Banana Cart

Barbara Barret and Vera Whetten (Pratt) preparing to ride in a horse-driven banana cart.


Aunt Belle Foutz, Barbara Barret deplaning from Nogales, AZ to Casas Grandes Mexico Summer 1945

Barbara's First Visit to Mexico

Barbara Barret, getting on the truck to go to Colonia Juarez, Summer of 1945 Casas Grandes Mexico

Sister City

Sister City 2014. 12wx7H aerosol and latex on ply wood.
Artist: Efren Lechuca & Grave Herrera

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